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Forensic Accounting

Legal disputes over money are common occurrences – not only within your business activities, but within your personal life, too.

Such disputes could consist of:

  • An insurance claim
  • A matrimonial dispute
  • A fraud investigation
  • A copyright or royalty dispute
  • A tax enquiry
  • A contractual dispute
  • A personal injury claim
  • A contested business loss
  • A professional negligence claim.

Ardross Accountancy & Tax Services Ltd can work in conjunction with your lawyer, in the event that any of these issues should arise. We handle your legal affairs in a professional and efficient manner, and, often, if we are involved with proceedings from the outset, we find that the matter can be settled out of court.

However, if it still proves necessary to pursue litigation, our experienced team can:

  • Act as an expert witness in court
  • Supply the relevant documentation to support your case
  • Generate valuations to support a claim.

To discover how Ardross Accountancy & Tax Services Ltd can help you, please contact us today.